The Not so New Thing in Literacy

digital literacy.png 1

Digital literacy is something that most teachers, professors, or even parents see as entertainment rather then actual reading. I think that digital literacy is a great form of reading because it allows you to get more into a topic that you like. You can read a story or book online and then that next minute you can search for more. There’s no going to the library or book store waiting until you have the time to go out somewhere. Everything is at the tips of your fingers. Digital literacy is very different from traditional literacy because traditional literacy is normally a paper reading book or short stories while digital literacy is going to be online and not forced to one book or one topic. Digital literacy allows you to stay broad about something or go into great detail the best thing is you get to choose what and how you read or write while using digital literacy.

In the “Literacy Debate: Online, R U Really Reading? “they discuss the negative effects of digital literacy. The main negative effect is not having something to stop you from jumping from thing to thing. I think that this is a good point and its something to keep in mind but who says jumping around and learning about different things is such a bad thing? Negative Effects Presentation  . I do not agree completely with everything that they said because as a student I rely on digital literacy a lot. I think the only negative effect there is not having human interaction with other people living around you. Although having interaction with people who do not live any where near you is amazing and should not be over looked.



Some great benefits of digital literacy are endless in my opinion. You have connects with so many people from so many different cultures. Being able to connect with them and go back and forth about something that you have in interest . I think that digital literacy made the world come closer together because they made things so much easier. Effects of Literacy . I also believe that research is a major part in breaking down a topic and story. The great part about being able to use digital literacy is having such a great wide variety of different things and someone is bound to find something that they like.

I found that there were some major points that stuck out to me in the article ” Literacy Debate: Online, R U Really Reading”. One being that people who are used to reading books rather then online do not agree with this type of literacy. I think that they just do not know how to try it and once they do they will realize that there are so many informational things online. Another point is that parents are trying to force the normal reading of books on their children and they are drifting towards reading or writing responses online with other people interacting back with them. The last major point i encountered was that the story of Hunter and how he gad dyslexia and reading online helped him manage it was interesting. Also that the testing on digital literacy is a great idea and that many students did better at digital literacy testing. All of the things about literacy specifically digital literacy seem to me more positive and better for the kids in this generation.


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